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Quite simply, the best Windows software available for designing and printing name badges. Easy to learn … easy to use … works with most any registration system, with database tables, spreadsheets, documents and ASCII files. The choice of Professional Meeting Planners since 1987, BadgePro is used by Government Agencies and Private Organizations all over the U.S.


BadgePro prints badges by merging and automatically adjusting text lines into a badge design. User-friendly screens help you import your text from database tables, spreadsheets, documents, and ASCII (text) files. Badge sizes and page layouts are completely adjustable, and badge designs can include color and logos.


BadgePro features are designed to help you at all stages from design to production. Everything you do is shown on the screen with 'Help' at all stages. Change fonts, adjust text, resize logos - see results immediately for each badge.


A powerful editor, unique for badges, helps you find, update, insert text and sort records.

A print filter lets you select and print badges on different color badge paper or by category.

Create enviable custom badge designs. Use your organization's Logo on the badge. Use Color Bars & Shading to emphasize attendee categories. Print Tickets or an Attendee Invoice on the same page as the badge, personalized with your attendee's name or other data.


BadgePro greatly expands making Badges On-Site. Print your pre-registration badges and save them to the BadgePro Database (MS Access format). When on-site, you can easily Recall, Edit and Reprint any of these badges.


Customize On-Site Entry Screens for different categories. Type & Tab data entry process makes it easy to enter registration data on-site. Enter badge data as well as other information from the registration form on the screen and let BadgePro save it all to it's own Database Table (MS Access format).


Try it now by downloading our demo. Subscribe now and try it out; if you decide it doesn't provide you with the best tools to make your Badges, send it back within 30 days for a full refund.


Design your badge background.
Include your logo.
Put text and background in colorful boxes.
Locate your data file or table.
Arrange the data lines.
Lots of text combine options.
Split long lines automatically.
Edit badges... at a time or globally.
Changes display immediately.
Sort by Last Name.
Print by category.

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BadgePRO Plus Software Suite - Extended License (Single Site)
BadgePRO Plus Software Suite - Extended License (Single Site)


BadgePRO Plus Software Suite - Standard License (1-3 Users)
BadgePRO Plus Software Suite - Standard License (1-3 Users)


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