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Style D • 3x4" Badge & Ticket Stock

Product Code: BS-D

Style D • 3x4" Badge & Ticket Stock
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PRICE: $95.00   view prices table




Prices Table

Base Price


Product Information

Our 1 & 12 Badge and Ticket Stock has one (1) 3x4" badge area at the top with twelve (12) 1-1/2x4" tickets surrounding the badge. 


Our Micro-Perforation makes separating our badges and tickets from the page easy, and reduces the unsightly rough edges that regular perforations can create.


Product Notes

This paper is designed for use with our BadgePRO Plus Software Suite.  If you are using this with another program, you may want to request a sample before ordering to ensure layout compatibility.


Color Options

In-Stock Availability of White ONLY. 

Colors can be produced upon request, if not currently in stock.

White, Blue, Cherry, Canary, Gray, Green, Goldenrod, Ivory, Salmon




Production Time

White stock usually ships within 24 hours of receipt of order.

Allow 5-10 days production for out-of-stock colors.


Sold in reams of 500 sheets; one ream allows for production of up to 500 badges with twelve tickets each.


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