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Home  » Supplies  » Badge Holders  » Clear Vinyl Badge Holder (Vertical)

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Clear Vinyl Badge Holder (Vertical)

Product Code: Vinyl-ClearV

Clear Vinyl Badge Holder (Vertical)
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PRICE: $0.36   view prices table


Badge Holder Size

2-1/8" x 3-3/8"
3" x 5"  (+ 0.01 each)
4" x 6"  (+ 0.02 each)

Optional Badge Holder Attachment



Prices Table

Base Price
Optional Badge Holder Attachment
Elastic Neck Cord+ 0.21+ 0.20+ 0.19+ 0.18+ 0.17+ 0.16
Snap Strap Clip+ 0.21+ 0.20+ 0.19+ 0.18+ 0.17+ 0.16


Product Information

Base Price Includes

Clear Vinyl Badge Holders, heat sealed.  These top-loading vertical holders are Slotted.

See price chart for additional cost of other attachment options.


Production Time
Unimprinted badge holders ship 2-10 days from receipt of order.


Imprinted Inserts  

Refer to our Printing Services.


Screen printing directly on plastic badges is available.


50 per pack • 100 per box


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