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Small Quantity Badge Stock

Product Code: BS-SML

Small Quantity Badge Stock
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PRICE: $17.50


Small Quantity Badge Stock Style

Paper Color




Product Information

Smaller Quantities of our standard badge stock for when you just don't need a whole box.


Available in Styles A, B, E and G




Our badge stock is heavy enough to stand up, but will still run through your laser printer without causing paper jams.  Our Micro-Perforations make separating our badges from the page easy and reduces unsightly rough edges that regular perforations can create.


Color Options

White, Blue, Cherry, Canary, Gray, Green, Goldenrod, Ivory, Salmon


Styles E & G available in White ONLY

(Gray has been discontinued, supplies are currently available in Style B only.)





Small quantity packaging contains 100 sheets of Badge Stock.

  • Style A or E - 3"x4" Insert - Yield = 600
  • Style B - 2 ½" x 4" Insert Yield = 800
  • Style G - 3"x5" Insert Yield = 400


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